When a loved one passes away, the emotional and financial stresses on a family is sometimes to much, not to even mention the stress that comes with finalizing the legal procedures.

As specialists in the field of Wills, we always advise our clients to have a decisive and complete will drawn up in the event that something unfortunate should happen. However, if same is not done, the process of winding up the deceased estate can not only be a timely process, but may also result in confusion, in-fighting and protracted litigation. The key to prevent this, is therefore effective estate planning.

In the event that the estate is contested or a loved one can no longer take care of their financial affairs and a curator needs to be appointed, our expertise in the field will provide your with unequaled professional service, together with our medical, accounting and counsel counterparts.

We will also be able to assist you with the formation of trusts. Our services as executors of your estates and the trustees of trusts will result in both uniformity in decision making and consolidated costs.

As specialist in the winding-up of estates, we will handle the entire administration process, preparing the loved ones of the deceased for the life thereafter, taking in account the financial needs of those people and the necessary litigation, rules and tax implications.

Our offices have a hands-on approach when it comes to dealing with the winding-up of estates and our department staff attend to the Master of the High Court`s offices personally to attend to any and all issues that may be pertinent to each case.

Our offices not only cater to local residents, but also to foreign nationals that have assets in South Africa, or local residents, that have assets abroad.  It is especially important to have qualified people in these circumstances as the tax implications can be major.

Our range of services provided in this field is as follows:

  • Drafting of wills;
  • Estate planning (with the assistance of registered financial advisors);
  • Winding-up deceased estates;
  • Appointments as Curators for individual’s incompetent of managing their own financial affairs;
  • Trust formation;
  • Trust administration; and
  • Administration of testamentary trusts;
  • Amendment of trusts;
  • Attending Masters Offices


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