We believe that the best interest of minor children is paramount.

Minor Children

We believe that the best interest of minor children is paramount. As officials of the High Court of South Africa (who is the upper-guardian of all minors) we have an obligation to ensure that the best interests of children are upheld at all times and we are fiercely committed to ensuring that children do not become proverbial playballs in the hands of parents who subjectively become unaware of the best interest of their children.

Objective and stern advice with regards to children is given to our clients and if a client wishes us to assist in a process which will not be in his or her child’s best interest we shall relinquish our relationship with such a client without any hesitation whatsoever. With that being said, our offices shall not tolerate children to live in circumstances that is not in their best interest and we shall leave no stone unturned in our commitment to assist you to obtain the necessary legal relief to ensure that your minor child/children’s best interest will be upheld – both prior, during or after the divorce proceedings.


Our offices will assist in the entire Maintenance process for both spouses and children. Spousal maintenance is determined by various factors such as duration of the marriage, ability of the spouse to contribute to the maintenance needs of his/her partner, the living standard of the parties prior to the divorce proceedings, ability of a spouse to maintain her- or himself, etc.

Maintenance for children is determined by the needs of the children and the ability of their parents to contribute to their maintenance. Children can even claim maintenance from their parents after they have reached the age of majority (currently 18), depending on the circumstances and whether they are self-supporting or not.

Our firm can not only assist in obtaining maintenance for spouses or children, but also in the reduction or suspension of maintenance orders when the circumstances so necessitate as a results of a change in the financial circumstances of the parties.


Domestic violence interdicts or harassment interdicts can be obtained by applying for same at the Magistrate Court in the area in which your reside or work.

Such an interdict can cover an array of relief, such as:

  1. Interim monetary relief;
  2. Interdicting of any emotional or physical abuse;
  3. Access to children


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